macFUSE 4.2.4 or newer is needed for YoYotta virtual filesystems and LTFS.
Previously this framework was called FUSE or OSXFUSE

To check if macFUSE is installed, open Apple System Preferences.

if there is a older FUSE panel click it, then click Update FUSE
There may be a Preference panel error or a spinning update icon. Ignore this, quit and relaunch System Preferences and check that macFUSE is installed correctly.

If there is a macFUSE panel click it and check that the installed version is 4.2.4 or newer.
If it is an older version click Update FUSE

If there is no FUSE or macFUSE panel in System Preferences, then click the button below to open the macFUSE website.
Then download the Stable Release of macFUSE.
Double click the macfuse dmg to open the image. Then double click the Install macFUSE package.
After installing you will need to click Allow in Security in Apple System Preferences.

You must click the Allow button locally to the Mac, clicking when using remote screen sharing will not work.

Go to macFUSE website

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