Verifying LTFS tapes

You can reverify a tape at any time to check that the contents match what was written to the tape.
Tapes made with YoYotta do not need a checksum file or database. So you can reverify a tape on any YoYotta system.

Add tape

Put the tape into the drive, click +, select the tape and click Add Selected

Open Source Browser.

Click the folder button above the Job table to open the Source Browser. This will automatically mount the tape.

Setup Verify

By default all files and folders will be included in the job. Use the + and - buttons to include or exclude files from the verification.
If Quick Verify is turned on, then the job will verify just the unverified files.
If Quick Verify is turned off, then every file will be reverified.

Setup required reports

Choose which reports are needed and their location.
Note that save to destination is not available when indexing sources as there is no destination.
The PDF report or an error report can be sent to one or more email addresses separated by commas.

Verification Status

To start the job click Verify Job. As each file is verified the status in the file table will turn green. Use the menu in the bottom left of the Source Browser to show verified or unverified files.
To stop the verification click the red X in the main panel.

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