SSL certs and macOS 10.11

macOS 10.11 El Capitan is no longer updated and does not support LetsEncrypt SSL certificates.
These certificates are used by a large number of websites including YoYotta.
Your YoYotta license will continue to work, however you will not be able to log in to manage licences.
Please follow the instructions below to enable access to the YoYotta websites used for licensing and support

We suggest that you upgrade your Mac to the newest macOS, ideally Monterey or Big Sur.

Which macOS does my Mac support?

Open Safari and type into the browser

Once you have completed all the steps on this page, repeat the process for

Click Show Details

Click visit this website, at the end of the warning message.

Click Visit Website

To authorise changes enter your Mac admin account name + password and click Update Settings.
Now you should see the YoYotta website.

Now repeat all these steps for

When complete you will be able to visit without any warnings, also you will be able to log in to your YoYotta account to uninstall and install licenses.

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